Drama Centre Theatre

Returning from its success in 2003, PRISM, a grand theatrical performance that gathered performing artists and designers from 6 countries and went on a 6-nation tour was restaged in 2017. PRISM is a thought-provoking play that highlights the importance of treasuring our nation’s heritage and culture.


National Day Parade 2017


Marina Bay Floating Platform

For the first time in the National Day Parade’s history, a record-breaking 300 unmanned drones were integrated into the parade in a segment where the drones formed vivid symbols. Audiences were also enthralled by 81-year-old Grandma Mary, who gave an electrifying performance on the electric guitar. This edition of the parade also paid tribute to 50 years of National Service in Singapore.


Songs of Guidance


Victoria Theatre

The audiences are treated to a music extravaganza as they go on a melodious journey with renowned opera artist Mdm Oon Ah Chiam, who has spent 60 remarkable years on the opera stage. At 74 years of age, the graceful songstress brings new life to classic Hokkien tunes, which highlight the values of filial piety, family and morality.

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